A wolf for halloween!

Definitely the best curb find yet, I recently came across an abandoned MTB frame, partly stripped and left by some bins. At first glance it looked like an unloved low-end mountain bike, but a second glance revealed some nice components which would never grace a supermarket bike.

I had never heard of “Steppenwolf”, which isn’t perhaps the most inspiring name for a frame. Nonetheless, a little research revealed they are a German frame builder, based in Munich.

There isn’t much talk of them on UK/US cycling forums, but what little I did find was positive.


The “Tundra” is one of their mid-level aluminium hard-tail all-mountain frames. This is a 2007 model, and was originally specced with a 100mm Reba front fork. Unfortunately, this one has lost its fork, wheels, stem, saddle, seat post and handlebar. So quite a bit of rebuild work needed! Still, scavengers can’t be choosers, right?

The aluminium frame has some nice braze-on cable guides, varied tube diameter, and interestingly allows for both v-brakes and disc brakes (not sure if this is normal in the MTB world, but it seems smart). The tubes have some fairly monstrous welds in them, and while aluminium does need larger welds than steel frames, the welding quality (or final grinding/finishing) on my 2007 Lemond Chambery does seem much better. That said, a MTB will be subjected to more stress at the head tube, so maybe this is intentional?


While the bike needs quite a bit of work and lot of new components to resurrect it, it is a terrific piece of luck to have found such an interesting frame, and will inspire a rebuild that would otherwise not have taken place.

What a great find for halloween. Werewolf or Steppenwolf? Surely the bike was “born to be wild” (sorry, I just couldn’t help it…), now it’s on the road to be re-born to be wilder… or something like that =)


4 thoughts on “A wolf for halloween!

  1. […] less than the cost of a second hand front suspension fork (which I’m on the look-out for the Steppenwolf Tundra build). Here in Switzerland (and this may be common to your part of the world too), servicing and […]


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