The Velobricollection

Bikes come and bikes go. My aim is to repair and restore, but also to ride and enjoy them.

This is the current collection (excluding kids bikes and more humdrum town bikes etc.) as well as a few we said goodbye to.

I hope you enjoy them too.

Fondriest Carbon Magister (late 2000s)

Schor early 2000s carbon (photo coming…)

Colnago Tecnos Soft Paint (1997)
Lemond Chambery (late 2000s)
Casati Vinci (early 2000s)
Mercier (late 1970s)


Giant TCR Composite (2007)
Flatera (1990s)
Wonder Tandem (1930s)
Fondriest Xstatus 16.5 (early 2000s)
Principia TSC (late 1990s)
Amberg (1960s?)
BMC Fourstroke FS04 (2006)
Cilo Boulevard Town bike

So, what do you think?

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