The top 10 cyclist cafés in London

I realise that coffee and cycling make a great combination, but hadn’t realised just how far things had gone.

In fact, it’s apparently so popular that the Telegraph newspaper recently listed the 10 most popular cyclist cafés in the London area.

Surely, once a stream of cyclists turn up anywhere, the non-cyclists quickly find a less lycra (spandex) and sweaty Mamil-filled environment to enjoy a quiet latte. I can fully sympathise.

5 thoughts on “The top 10 cyclist cafés in London

  1. Look Mum No Hands is a great cafe. Not really that much fun to cycle to being located in busy central London though! It’s usually filled with fixie riding hipster fashionistas, but it serves fantastic coffee, provides bike locks and has an on-site workshop.

    I rode there once on a loop from home to LMNH to Giro Cafe and back home as part of a Strava thing (all for a free mug).

    Some of the others on the list are awesome too, but it’s a shame they only focused on cafes inside the M25 ring road.


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