Battle of the lightest Italian steel frames: Colnago Tecnos vs Fondriest Xstatus 16.5

How does the lightest steel tubing made by Columbus and Dedacciai compare. In this blog post, let's find out!

To get you warmed up for the Tour de France 2021…

Check out this funny Danish TV ad for the local Tour coverage. “Weekend warriors activate!” 😂 In case you missed their great cycling safety video, check it out here Those Danes are hilarious!

Fondriest Xstatus 16.5 restoration complete & retro bike review

If you've been following this restoration project, you'll know I picked up an early 2000s steel-carbon Fondriest road bike, and felt the need to restore this handbuilt Italian charmer to something approaching its former glory. At the very least I couldn't let something so special get trashed or converted into a fixie and end up … Continue reading Fondriest Xstatus 16.5 restoration complete & retro bike review

Vintage Gaggia MDF grinder restoration

Last year, as a covid-boredom-inspired project, I picked up two sets of vintage Gaggia espresso machines and grinders, all advertised as non-functional. Having got the espresso machine working, I set to the grinder, which appeared to work fine, but after goodness knows how many years without a clean, it really deserved some attention. It’s clear … Continue reading Vintage Gaggia MDF grinder restoration

Fondriest Xstatus 16.5 (early 2000s) restoration part 2: the basics

I recently picked up this early 2000s stray, in need of some care to bring it back to its former glory. Having picked it up and given it a once over, it was clear the fundamentals were sound. It's easy to overlook major frame problems in the excitement of a new bike purchase, so do … Continue reading Fondriest Xstatus 16.5 (early 2000s) restoration part 2: the basics

Fondriest Xstatus 16.5 (early 2000s) restoration part 1: the starting point

It’s always easier to start a new project than finish the ten already started. Trawling those internet adds for interesting opportunities is always fun. Which led to this purchase, an early 2000s Fondriest Xstatus. Fondriest is one of those well respected Italian bike brands, but that only geeks seem to know. Not really a household … Continue reading Fondriest Xstatus 16.5 (early 2000s) restoration part 1: the starting point

I can’t look…

What's going on here? I keep coming across bizarre bikes. This one's particularly odd: the seat tube, the wooden front wheel and the handlebars. If I had less willpower I would have bought this, just for the oddity. My wife is glad I didn't.

2007 Giant TCR Composite (custom)

Not really much work to do on this, but I finally bought my first full carbon road bike! Just picked it up today and have a few minor tweaks to make but nothing major. A couple of photos from the ad. (PS. Nope it doesn't have a double saddle, I just got to choose, and … Continue reading 2007 Giant TCR Composite (custom)

Myanmar, Yangon – a morning wander

In the full light of day, I'm glad to say Yangon seems even more similar than I remember it from 12 years ago. Lots of traditions remain and daily life hums along.  Here's some snaps to give you a flavour of the city. It's not like any other south east asian capital.  And there's a … Continue reading Myanmar, Yangon – a morning wander

India does love the bicycle 

I almost bought this Hurricane indian made  gents town bicycle, with rod pull brakes, but... I just don't have the space and common sense got the better of me. Still, I did get some "Cycle" brand matches and sandalwood incense sticks recently in Mumbai. They smell so strong! Not sure of the connection to bicycles … Continue reading India does love the bicycle