It melted?!

Another hideous bicycle from the otherwise fantastic De Rosa brand. Not their finest hours!

Velobrico: looking back at 2021

Many of us ended 2020 thinking "good riddance", and full of hope for 2021. This year certainly was better than the last, despite covid still gatecrashing our party, and hanging around! Still, many things thankfully returned to normal and overall it's been an active year for me. Strava tells me I did 234hrs of activity … Continue reading Velobrico: looking back at 2021

Fulcrum Racing 5 Evolution road bike wheel: front bearing service

A step by step guide to strip down service and repair a seized Fulcrum Racing 5 Evolution road bike wheel hub

Warning: this’ll likely make your blood boil…

I generally don't like adding fuel to a fire. The world has more than enough vitriol without sharing it, amplifying it etc. Also, it's worth stating that 99.99999% of drivers are sensible and respectful individuals, who at best treat other road usrs with respect (as they themselves would like to be treated), and at worst … Continue reading Warning: this’ll likely make your blood boil…

Schor Carbon (2004?) update: bike chain replacement

We explore when and how to replace a bike chain

What is it with saddle angles?!

All over the place, are photos of bikes with jaunty angles. Here, Mark Zuckerberg's saddle angle makes us question his anatomy =)

Another monstrosity, just in time for hallowe’en

Pass the dePhibrallator... it's a Carrera Phibra!

A bike shop at Disneyland??!

There's lots of secrets at Disneyland, but did you know there's a very special bike shop?

De Rosa Techno Lady (2001)

One of the ugliest bikes from one of the coolest bike brands in the world. We present you the De Rosa Techno Lady!

“If You Gotta Go, Go With A Smile.” (Jack Nicholson’s Joker, 1989)

From the early days of carbon frame experimentation, here's the Joker C4