Velobrico Workshop: Lemond Chambery (2005)

Ok, it’s not a vintage bike, (yet) and it doesn’t need restoring, but I love it anyway!

This is my weekend ride in Singapore. You don’t see many like it out here. I’ve only seen another 3 in the last 2 years.

In fact, I like it so much that I’m taking it back to Europe with me!



3 thoughts on “Velobrico Workshop: Lemond Chambery (2005)

    • Hi I stumbled on your blog when looking to determine the value of my 2005 Lemond Chambery. If you know anything about this particular year and make and can offer me any tips I would appreciate it. Websites I’ve looked at say “unspecified” for the value and I’m not sure what that means.



      • Hi. Bike value depends greatly on condition and originality, and on where you live. Where I live, in Switzerland, you see very few Lemonds, but as they’re unknown, they’re also not sought after. So here it’s probably worth the sums of its parts, a few hundred swiss francs. But in the US, where these are better appreciated, it should be worth more. I really enjoy riding it and how it looks, so that’s the value for me.


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