Quite possibly the most insane thing I’ve seen in years…

A jet engine, on a road bike! I'm speechless, so just watch the video link and let me know what you think. https://youtu.be/Oa3uYIe75iI

Merida “Full” Carbon?

While hunting for a new project, now the Fondriest Xstatus restoration is complete (and has been sold), I came across this smart looking Merida. I'm perpetually amazed by people's weird saddle and handlebar positions Merida is not a brand I’m particularly excited about, but this Genesi Full Carbon looks pretty nice, with it’s gloss naked … Continue reading Merida “Full” Carbon?

Schorly not?

A new arrival to the Velobrico workshop, an early 2000s (?) Schor. I know very little about this bike. Swiss manufacturer. Frame presumably carbon, reminiscent of the Giant TCR Composite. Awesome groupset… To be honest I never got over selling the Campagnolo Record carbon shifters and periodically reminisced about them, so now as well as … Continue reading Schorly not?

If your superyacht gym is full…

Here's an interesting oddity I spotted in Italy this summer. I've never seen one before, but apparently it's called a "Bikeboat Up", made by Chiliboats. If you ever ride on one of these you're certainly going to attract some attention!

Battle of the lightest Italian steel frames: Colnago Tecnos vs Fondriest Xstatus 16.5

How does the lightest steel tubing made by Columbus and Dedacciai compare. In this blog post, let's find out!

This is a stretch…

As you may have also noticed, it’s fairly typical to see second hand bikes for sale with unusual set ups. Handlebars might be in an odd position, or the saddle might be at a jaunty angle, but this bike is at the weirder end of the setup spectrum. An otherwise nice Guerciotti (a fairly uncommon … Continue reading This is a stretch…

Velobrico guide: how to photograph bikes even better (bike photos 102)

Now I'm no photography expert, but I have been enthusiastic about photos as long as I remember, and am pleased when I manage to take a good photo! Some time ago, when trying to improve the quality of my bike adverts, I looked into learning some basic tricks to take better bike photos. This took … Continue reading Velobrico guide: how to photograph bikes even better (bike photos 102)

Switzerland, Basel: Roche bikes

I recently had the opportunity to borrow a bike from Roche, the Swiss Pharma company. They have a large campus of c.12k people in Basel, Switzerland, and a pool of bicycles and e-bikes for employees and visitors to borrow. (not me...) Branded in company colours and logo, the bike was in good working order, clean, … Continue reading Switzerland, Basel: Roche bikes

Mokumono: another pressed aluminium bike!

A few posts back I discovered an interesting technique applied to bike frame construction, the use of pressed aluminium, welded together, to form a hollow structure, used on the Leaos Pressed E-Bike. The Leaos Pressed E-Bike However, it turns out this wasn't the first time this technique has been applied to a bike frame. In … Continue reading Mokumono: another pressed aluminium bike!

Motobecane Eclair 1986 (update 2)

I haven't posted any update on this project in a long time. A few minor repairs were needed, such as the front light doesn't work. I traced the problem down to a lightly corroded socket, rubbed it with some steel wool and now it works fine. The bar tape was loose but in nice condition, … Continue reading Motobecane Eclair 1986 (update 2)