Mokumono: another pressed aluminium bike!

A few posts back I discovered an interesting technique applied to bike frame construction, the use of pressed aluminium, welded together, to form a hollow structure, used on the Leaos Pressed E-Bike.

The Leaos Pressed E-Bike

However, it turns out this wasn’t the first time this technique has been applied to a bike frame.

In fact, this was already done back in 2016, with the Mokumono Delta.

The Mokumono Delta S
The Mokumono Delta C

Despite the name suggesting Japanese origins, the bike is Dutch designed (brothers Bob and Tom Schiller) and comes in two variants the Delta S (“sportive” version) and Delta C (more practical city version). Like the Leaos, the bike is produced locally, this time in the Netherlands. Apparently the name is not Japanese in origin, but derives from a local nickname for Amsterdam (“Mokum”, which itself derives from the Hebrew word for “place” and the Yiddish word for “safe haven”) and the uniqueness of the bike (“Mono”, from the ancient Greek word “monos” or “alone”).

We can see some similarities in the two bikes, but also some notable differences. For example, the Mokumono Delta departs from the classic diamond frame and does away with the rear triangle, giving the bike a more futuristic look. The slammed stem also gives the Delta S a more aggressive profile.

By contrast then the Leaos Pressed e-bike looks more traditional, when in fact it’s quite far from traditional!

The Delta S (16kg) and C (18kg) are both slightly heavier than the Leaos Pressed e-bike (15kg), and with a materially shorter range (60km to Leaos’ 100km). Still plenty for urban commuting.

One super cool option is that Monokumo will produce you a Delta C in whatever colour you want (from a list of 60).

If you want to try before you buy (and live in the Netherlands or Germany…) you can book a test ride either directly from Monokumo (Netherlands) or via listnride (Berlin, Hamburg, and München, Germany).

Very cool.

So, what do you think?

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