Schorly not?

A new arrival to the Velobrico workshop, an early 2000s (?) Schor. I know very little about this bike. Swiss manufacturer. Frame presumably carbon, reminiscent of the Giant TCR Composite. Awesome groupset… To be honest I never got over selling the Campagnolo Record carbon shifters and periodically reminisced about them, so now as well as … Continue reading Schorly not?

Shimano Dura Ace PD-7900 pedal repair

Ah Dura Ace, the unobtanium of the bike world. The best of the best. Reserved for the pros. Having Shimano's Dura Ace components on your bike means you are a champ, or at least want to look like one. And perhaps most importantly, that you can afford to! The pros use Dura Ace pedals, can … Continue reading Shimano Dura Ace PD-7900 pedal repair

Early 90s Flatera

After a long hiatus, I picked up a new project today. This one caught my eye on a second glance. The chromed stays and fork indicate higher quality than the manufacturer name suggests. Also a nice 3TTT stem and early 600 Ultegra brifters indicate a well specced bike for its day. The ad indicated the … Continue reading Early 90s Flatera

Retro Rescue: Shimano PD-A550 pedals

After a bit of a hiatus, for no good reason here's another pedal refurb! I picked up a box of tired pedals, that have now sat for a while in my basement, but a drizzly Sunday calls for greasy hands. First ones on the refurb bench are a pair of PD-A550s, mid 90s clip pedals … Continue reading Retro Rescue: Shimano PD-A550 pedals

Retro Rescue: Scott RC-703 SPD road pedals 

These came on the Colnago Tecnos I bought recently, but I'm pretty sure they weren't original spec. American pedals on an otherwise fully Italian (Campagnolo Record groupset) road bike just doesn't seem right! They're early SPD, different to the SPD-SL system I use, and I have no compatible shoes and cleats. So I have no … Continue reading Retro Rescue: Scott RC-703 SPD road pedals 

Retro Rescue: Shimano Dura Ace PD-7401 pedals 

I recently picked up these pedals for my mid 90s Colnago Tecnos, so I could use my regular SPD-SL riding shoes and cleats, without changing over the pedals from my regular bike (Lemond Chambery 2007) each time. Those that came with the Colnago were made by Scott and weren't compatible with my cleats. Also I suspect … Continue reading Retro Rescue: Shimano Dura Ace PD-7401 pedals 

Bianchi Theridion

Now here's an odd looking mountain bike.  The jaunty angle of the saddle and the plastic bag make this look like a tired commuter, but given it's pedigree, original components and bizarre frame design, surely this is a diamond in the rough? What do you think?

BMC Fourstroke FS04 (update 3): Shimano bottom bracket and crank upgrade

You may have been wondering what happened to the BMC mountain bike restoration project I started a while back. Like many projects it got to the "nearly finished" stage and sat there for a good six months, causing a nuisance to the family.  Good news then that it's now moved from the the "nearly finished" … Continue reading BMC Fourstroke FS04 (update 3): Shimano bottom bracket and crank upgrade

Retro Resue: SRAM X4 rear derailleur 

A while back I picked up a trashed Specialized Hotrock kids bike. The frame looked sound but everything else was pretty far gone.  This bike would need far more workshop time than it's replacement value, so it's owners rightly binned it and moved on. But it's a decent size for my son's next bike, giving … Continue reading Retro Resue: SRAM X4 rear derailleur 

Retro Rescue: Dynamo lights

Though I have absolutely no experience with dynamos, nor any real idea how they work, last Sunday I decided to tackle the non-functioning rear light from the Tigra ladies' bike. This bike has a dynamo installed, even though it is not such an old machine (est. 1990s). I was recently told that in Germany it … Continue reading Retro Rescue: Dynamo lights