Vintage gear for a vintage ride

At the end of the month I’m participating in a historical bike ride of c.130km through France, Switzerland and Germany (tour des trois).

I plan to ride my late 70s/early 80s Mercier (which has not been featured on the blog before! Though it has made a guest appearance in the blog logo…..) with tubular tyres and all French components. A restoration post will follow shortly!

130km is a long ride by any standards, let alone on a 40 year old bike. Wish me luck! I’m not sure which will fail first, me or the bike… Here’s hoping I finish.

Also, while participants are to ride pre ’85 bikes, they must also be dressed in vintage (or replica vintage) cycling gear. I’ve got the bike, but didn’t have the clothing!

Thankfully ebay came to the rescue. I not only found a vintage cycling top, but one from a cycling club in the very city where I grew up, Newcastle upon Tyne! This seems to be from the Tyne Electric CC cycling club. Anyone know anything about it or a bit about the club?

20140602-184807-67687742.jpg 20140602-184808-67688367.jpg

I also found and old pair of cycling gloves from when I was a teenager. They’re horribly coloured so should be suitable as early 1980s…! However, they seem to have mud on them.

Possibly a stupid question, but does anyone know the best way to clean them? Just pop them in the machine on a gentle wash??

20140602-184835-67715271.jpg 20140602-184835-67715816.jpg


3 thoughts on “Vintage gear for a vintage ride

  1. My friend, Fred Pine and myself were junior racers for the Electric in the mid 50,s, completely different jersey but the same colours


    • Hi Mike, thanks for your note. I think the one I picked up must date from the 80s (or 90s…). I don’t live in Newcastle any more, but it’s nice to wear a jersey that brings back a bit of nostalgia. You must have some interesting stories from back in the day!


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