So everyone knows you love chocolate

This is currently up for sale locally, adding to the many quirky bikes available at the moment. What do you think? Cool or horrendous? Would you ride it??

Early 90s Flatera (update)

A little research revealed the origin of the name Flatera. Apparently it was founded in 1988 by Michel Flammer and Hans Temperli who had a bike shop Radsport-Geschäft FLATERA. So that's one mystery solved. Next I'd love to know where the frame originated, as I assume they didn't braze it themselves. Not sure how I'm going … Continue reading Early 90s Flatera (update)

BMC Fourstroke FS04 (final update)

Picking up where we left off, after changing the bottom bracket and pedal cranks from Octalink to Shimano XT external bearings, I also changed the pedals to Shimano PD-M424 MTB SPD Pedals. The SPD part is supposed to fold into the pedal when ridden without clipless shoes, but I find it pretty uncomfrtable as it … Continue reading BMC Fourstroke FS04 (final update)

Early 90s Flatera

After a long hiatus, I picked up a new project today. This one caught my eye on a second glance. The chromed stays and fork indicate higher quality than the manufacturer name suggests. Also a nice 3TTT stem and early 600 Ultegra brifters indicate a well specced bike for its day. The ad indicated the … Continue reading Early 90s Flatera

Tigra ladies’ bike (1990s?) final update

After finding her abandoned by some bins, the Tigra ladies' town bike has been refurbished, given a new lease of life and is now ready to leave the Velobricollection! She's been cleaned, had stickers removed, paint and fenders polished, inner tubes replaced, shifters fixed, brake levers adjusted, hubs repacked, pedals lubed, dynamo repaired. I've quit … Continue reading Tigra ladies’ bike (1990s?) final update

Tigra ladies’ bike (1990s?)

Another stray joined the workshop recently.  Actually, as you can tell from the photos, this was a while back, when there was still sunshine and no snow! Tigra is a historic Swiss manufacturer (I understand they disappeared in 2001, bought by Villger, another Swiss brand), which adds another local bicycle to my collection. This one was left by … Continue reading Tigra ladies’ bike (1990s?)

Sankt Jurg: patron saint of unprepared cyclists

I went for a ride this Sunday. The sun was shining, the bike felt good and all was well with the world. Just a quick morning ride, no particular objective. Clock up some kms and work on getting fit again. First half, all good. Then on the return leg, I hear a rhythmic rubbing sound, … Continue reading Sankt Jurg: patron saint of unprepared cyclists

Motobecane Eclair (1986) update 

A couple of weeks back I posted about the latest addition to the Velobrico pile of bicycles. A mysterious Motobecane Eclair. Mysterious mostly becuase I couldn't find out much information about the bike, despite lengthy internet trawling across websites in multiple languages. Since then, I learned that Motobecane went bankrupt in 1983. The remaining assets … Continue reading Motobecane Eclair (1986) update 

Retro Rescue: This is the ugliest bike I’ve ever ridden

Though saying that makes me feel pretty mean. Like I'm insulting an orphaned child... After all, this sad, abandoned mountain bike was rescued from a bin and brought home to be resuscitated. Something in me just can't leave a bike in a bin, even if it does have a purple and pink-spatter paint job that … Continue reading Retro Rescue: This is the ugliest bike I’ve ever ridden

Bike on a plane

We recently returned to Europe from Singapore, and I decided to take my bike with me on the plane. Mostly so I would have something modern to ride while the rest of my stuff took the slow boat. You could ride vintage bikes all the time, but it's nice to mix it up with some more modern … Continue reading Bike on a plane