Hot off the press…

If you’ve followed the blog for a while, you’ll know one of the things I enjoy is how many different engineering solutions there are for more or less the same thing.

In the world of bikes and cycling technology, frame design is one of those many variables, and here’s an interesting one I hadn’t seen before.

The Leaos Pressed E-Bike

Leaos designed their Pressed E-Bike not from tubes, but from two halves of pressed aluminium, welded together.

That’s pretty unusual, and I’d be curious as to how that changes the riding feel and performance.

That being said, I guess any e-bike rider isn’t really concerned about feel and frame performance. Their primary concern would be low weight and high strength.

Certainly 15kgs seems pretty good for an ebike with a 100 km range.

The top “tube” arrangement, housing the integrated battery, is reminiscent of the Vanmoof, and gives the suggestion of forward motion, even when it’s standing still.

The motor-assisted top speed is 25km/h, but I love how on their website they say “25 km/h is too slow for you? Please ask at checkout”.

I’m imagining, nudge-nudge wink wink ask for “the special”. Or maybe they mean to explain why it’s fast enough with pictures of modded e-bike accidents? Who knows!

Also, “made in Italy”, which is worth some kudos in 2021, when almost everything is being manufactured in Asia.

To me this is a very interesting new application of a well understood manufacturing process. A future design classic?

If you happen to be in Bolzano, check out their neat little concept store

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