I recently took the family to Basel carnival. 

It’s an annual festival and local public holiday in Basel, Switzerland. 

Great fun and complete madness as the city dedicates itself to making noise, mischief and silliness for three days. It’s great to see the typically reserved Swiss let it all loose.

There are parades with “waggis” (people in fancy dress wearing clownish masks) throwing sweets to children, flowers to ladies and other random stuff to anyone they fancy (alcohol, bananas, potatoes…) as they travel through the city on floats, usually with some political theme (Brexit, Trump and Erdogan predictably popular lampooning targets this year), followed by drummers and flautists.

But mostly there’s confetti. Bags and bags and bags of confetti. Kids chase after random strangers, stuffing it in clothes, down jumpers and in hair. It fills the streets like snow. 

It’s great fun and I expect to find bits of confetti in my pockets for some time yet!


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