A saddle and a lock, at the same time…

This is a pretty neat idea. Saves lugging a lock/chain around, and avoids scratching your paint while you’re riding.

I do wonder how heavy it is, but in fairness, on a town bike it probably won’t make much difference to “performance” or centre of gravity.

PS. I unfortunately have not received one to test, but if the right people are reading this, you know what to do! =)


5 thoughts on “A saddle and a lock, at the same time…

  1. Interesting idea, but it’s no Brooks 😉 I’ve seen a few neat ideas pop up through kick starter! One of which, the Revolights, I plan to get this year to use over the winter.


      • It was a few years ago they were on kick starter, but I only discovered them last year. It’s a brilliant idea for lights. I can’t wait to get a set.

        I’ve seen another idea for a helmet with front and rear light built in, as well as a “brake” light using a speed sensor and turn signals with a wireless trigger. Seemed like a great idea but despite the video saying they were ready for production the delivery date wasn’t until next summer. That put me off.


  2. It’s a cool idea if you think carrying a lock is a burden. Saddle comfort is a huge issue and I feel that merging these two products compromises practicality of both. The lock it self too is easily cut with an angle grinder. I’d go with an Abus Bordo and a quality saddle over this combo product.


    • I must have a particularly tolerant bottom, because I’ve almost never ridden a saddle I found uncomfortable. That said I’ve never ridden on a Brooks, so maybe once you’ve done it, there’s no way back?


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