No, this is the ugliest bike I have ever ridden

It’s called a Townsend Mango Creek. It was my first mountain bike (not the one in this photo, but the same model), and I loved it.

I rode it everywhere, except on a mountain, or a creek, or near any mangoes. I crashed it quite a bit and with it I developed my love of cycling.

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 14

Like any pre-adolescent, I didn’t maintain it very well and one day bits started to fall off. Which were apparently impossible to put back on. Really. Things like pedal cranks. That’s a problem when you’re halfway through your paper round on a snowy Sunday morning.

Then another day some nice people broke into our garage and took it away, along with most of my father’s and grandfathers’ tools.

Just goes to show, thieves have no taste in bikes.

So what’s the ugliest bike you’ve ever ridden? Please share photos, I’m sure there’s some real beauties out there!

PS. Looking at the photo, like the Kristall featured in an earlier post, the Mango Creek apparently also had cantilever brakes. So I’m not a canti newbie after all…


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