Not sure how to fix something? Watch someone else do it first!

Bikes are relatively simple machines. Much easier to repair than say, a motorbike, or a car, or a TV. But while they are relatively simple, they still pose a number of challenges to the home mechanic.

Each component on a bike is relatively straightforward, mechanically speaking. But anyone with more than one bike will know there’s been a whole host of different components over the last decades.

Every bike has a bottom bracket, and hubs, and pedals, and handlebars, and brakes. But the way these have been designed and put together over the years has varied dramatically.

As a result of these variations, each different component works slightly differently, is adjusted differently, might be threaded differently, etc. Pretty quickly, the home mechanic finds they need a whole host of tools to undertake the same task (e.g. change a bottom bracket) on different bikes!

But the web is your friend. The internet is an amazing resource to check things out without damaging components by doing something incorrectly, and youtube channels allow you to see people fixing stuff first-hand.

Repair and maintenance instructions can be unclear in written/photo form, and video can really help improve clarity.

I’ve recently added a few youtube channels to my Blogroll that I find helpful. They’re over on the right of my page. Check them out, hopefully they can help you too.


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