Does anyone still repair inner tubes???

Not sure exactly why I do to be honest. Just for the fun of it I suppose…

While repairing a flat, I came across a pack of patches I bought in Singapore, and had forgotten just how awesome the packaging was.


This looks like it’s time-warped straight from the 1950s! You can just imagine this sitting forgotten on a shop shelf for decades under 2cms of dust. As it happens it’s a new packet, just kitsch old design!

I love the graphics on the box, showing what looks like an Austin Ambassador flying through a car inner tube. Amazing what you can do with a box of cheap rubber patches eh?



Incidentally, the “Rub-O-Matic” device referred to on the back of the box is actually a rectangle of sandpaper. Love it.

So for now this gets a Thumbs Up from me. If it’s good enough for an Austin Ambassador on an Indian country road it’s good enough for my bikes.

But I’ll have to let you know if it lives up to its promises 😉



3 thoughts on “Does anyone still repair inner tubes???

  1. For me, I always carry a spare tube and patches. Well, I do now anyway. I’ve patched up plenty of tubes multiple times but that’s only on the rides with absolutely no luck (usually down the Canals).


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