Velobrico Workshop: Fuji Del Rey (1985!)

As it turns out, the Del Rey is not an ’83 as originally thought, but an ’85…!

The very helpful Classic Fuji website contains a collection of old scanned Fuji brochures, which allows one to date the bike, and also to work out which components have been changed since it left the bike shop.

Mine is clearly an 1985 model, based on the paint scheme (Star Silver), front fork (unfortunately no longer half-chromed) and the components, notably the main crank set. Pics at the end of the post for comparison.

Components which have been replaced prior to me getting the bike:

– Brakes (front and rear calipers, levers and hoods): Upgraded from Dia Compe G500N to Aero Compe/Royal Compe II with aero brake hoods.

– Rear derailleur: Upgraded from Suntour LePree to Suntour Superbe Pro.

– Rims: Upgraded from UKAI alloy rims to Matrix ISO C aero rims. Not sure if this is really an upgrade, and as they are brown they don’t really complement the dark grey colour of the frame. No reflectors on the wheels (nor on the frame), which is a visual improvement.

– Hubs presumably have also been replaced but have no markings on them.

– Freewheel has also been replaced as the cogs have far fewer teeth than the stock bike.

– Tires: Have obviously been replaced multiple times. The bike is currently wearing low cost Decathlon road tires, all black. While they do look pretty gnarly and ride well, they are not really visually in keeping with the vintage of the bike.

– Pedals: Replaced from MKS Sylvan Road black to unknown brand/model (not black). Toe clips are present, but are not the original steel cage variety, and have been replaced with plastic Cateye clips with Avenir straps. No reflectors here either…

The original brakes with black calipers and levers arguably look better than the white ones it has now, and would look great with the all black tyres and black bar tape, but at least the current brakes are higher spec and the aero hoods with hidden cable routing gives a cleaner look.

The original silver bar tape looks pretty smart, but I think the current black “pleather” bar tape looks a bit better (also same colour as the saddle), and should be more comfortable than a thinner tape. I can’t help but think the original tape looks a bit like Christmas wrapping tape…

So, if the brochures are to be believed, I guess owning the Fuji Del Rey makes me an “uncompromising recreational cyclist”. What an accolade!

My Fuji Del Rey

Fuji DelRey 002

1985 Fuji Del Rey brochure

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 16.49.12

1983 Fuji Del Rey brochure

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 16.48.09

And some extra photos for fun:Fuji DelRey 007Fuji DelRey 006Fuji DelRey 008Fuji DelRey 004Fuji DelRey 009Fuji DelRey 010Fuji DelRey 003

Fuji DelRey 005


2 thoughts on “Velobrico Workshop: Fuji Del Rey (1985!)

  1. I have this same bike and it had a lot of stock components except for the pedals which were upgraded to MKS Road Pedals and I added caged and leather straps. I wanted to go for a full on restore with period correct touring panniers but decided to relegate it to a city speedster that I will convert to a short distance tourer/commuter bike.


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