Velobrico Workshop: Child’s Coronado racer update

Thanks to PeterMC’s timely comment I have returned my attention to the Coronado rear wheel.

It is missing four spokes which were broken by a wheel locking system intended to stop the rear wheel turning when parked and locked.

To replace the spokes, I need to remove the rear cassette (or freewheel?) and which seems to need a 2 pin cassette remover, that I don’t own.

Below are some photos of the rear hub, the rim showing some missing spokes and nipples, some other bent spokes, and (the presumably original) Hutchinson tyres. 65PSI seems pretty high for this type of tyre? The tyres are pretty perished, so will need to be replaced I think. The Dunlop/Woods valve inner tube was replaced with a cheap new Decathlon Schrader tube which is holding perfect pressure after 6 months unattended. Not as per original spec, but likely more effective.

I know it’s a rookie question, but any thoughts re: whether this is indeed a cassette or a freewheel? It is marked as a Suntour Perfect XH, and has a 16?mm cone nut on the axle (which also seems a little bent…). The teeth seem in perfect condition, though pretty dirty!

Of course, it would be much easier just to get a new wheel, tyre and hub, but then why make things easy when you can make them really complicated and drag them on for years!?









2 thoughts on “Velobrico Workshop: Child’s Coronado racer update

  1. Hi, I recently acquired a Coronado almost identical to your from a garage sale in queensland Australia. Mine has been modified a bit with taller handle bars and gears on the bars. I would like to see your finished project (if it is finished!) I believe these bikes were sold in Italy, as per a sticker which states in Italian and I think Swiss re servicing after purchase. I recently fitted larger cruiser Tyres. Did you get the Dynamo working? Mine is intact but doesn’t work. (Bulb and wiring ok.. Maybe an internal problem). Anyway is be interested to see how you go.


    • Hi, thanks for your comment. Unfortunately it isn’t yet finished. Since the debacle with the cheapo freewheel remover I haven’t progressed with replacing the broken spokes. Admittedly, as my son is way off being able to ride this, it’s been somewhat de-prioritised… My dynamo has no wire at all (yanked out I guess), and no apparent way to open it, so it may end up being decorative only! I’d love to see some photos of yours if you could share some. I would say the “M” on the service sticker is the biggest Swiss clue, given that Migros is Switzerland’s biggest supermarket chain. I see quite a few Coronados here in Zurich. It’s amazing that some of them made it to Oz via Italy!


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