Velobrico Workshop: Fuji Del Rey (1983) update

Thanks to Jim @ Bertin Classic Cycles for the pointers to What a fantastic resource for people doing some detective work on a bicycle restoration.

Here’s a list of most of the components on the Fuji. Exciting to see that most of these are Japanese made. Japanese bike, Japanese components (and no Shimano).

(Worth noting these photos are not mine, they’re from the good folks at velobase)

Rear derailleur: SunTour RD-5200, Superbe Pro (friction), early-mid 1980s, Japan


Front derailleur: Suntour Lepree, 1985-1986, Japan

Front & rear brakes: Dia-Compe Royal Compe II RCII-400, 1985-1986, Japan


Handlebar: Nitto Olympiade 115, date unknown, Japan

Handlebar stem: Nitto, model unknown, date unknown, Japan

Seat post: Sugino SP-KC, date unknown, Japan


Brake levers: Dia-Compe AGC250, Aero Compe, date unknown, Japan

Rims: Matrix Iso C, date unknown, USA

Tyres: Continental Super Sport, date unknown, Germany

Crankset: Sugino DRT, 1980s, Japan


Shifters: Suntour model unknown, date unknown, Japan

Brilliant, what a great resource!! I hope to have some photos and info to contribute myself one day.

Now that we’ve identified what’s equipped with, we can go on to work out what’s original, and what’s not!


So, what do you think?

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