Velobrico Workshop: Fuji Del Rey (1983)

Frame decalFrame  decal 1

The first bike on this blog will be a mid 1980s Fuji Del Rey that I picked up from an American friend in Paris. This was a bike he bought in New Orleans and had shipped over to Paris when he arrived. Unfortunately it spent most of its time in his damp basement and has suffered as a result…

Fork crown

No matter – this makes it a great candidate for a bit of TLC, and good blog fodder!

From what I have been able to glean, this was a mid-range steel framed road bike, most likely from 1985 (from the components). The bike is Japanese made (nice head badge showing Fuji-san, unfortunately damaged by corrosion) but Fujis seem to have been popular in the US. By contrast I have rarely seen old Fujis in Europe. Would be interested to hear if you have seen any around, and if so where and which models?

Shift levers

Some parts are original (e.g. Sugino crank, Suntour Le Pree front derailleur, Suntour shift levers, Nitto Olympiade 115 handle bars, Sugino seat post), others have been upgraded (Matrix Iso C aero rims, Dia Compe Royal Compe II brakes, Aero Compe brake levers, Matrix QR levers, Suntour Superbe Pro rear derailleur). All are in sound condition, but require cleaning, adjustment and lubrication. Other obvious bits need replacing (bar tape, tyres, cables…). 30 year old brake blocks must be pretty unwise, but finding replacements for these might be tricky…

Handlebar Front brake  Crank Front derailleur Brake lever


Unfortunately I was not able to get a good shot of the whole bike, given the cramped basement space, so you will have to settle for small teaser shots of the components for now! Once it’s finished I promise to show it off!

Some interesting components include the Sugino seat post with built-in height adjustment indicatorand the Suntour Superbe Pro rear derailleur which seems very high-end for a mid-range bike.

Seat post Rear derailleur

The two main issues with the bike are corrosion on the forks (and a little bit everywhere…), and damaged paint/decals (which may be tricky to replace).

Front fork

While I’m starting on the restoration I’d love to hear your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “Velobrico Workshop: Fuji Del Rey (1983)

  1. Hi, Alex-

    Nice start to your site and I wish you success with it. As far as Fujis go, the Dey Ray was a mid-level bike here in Canada. A friend sold them through his bike shop and claimed Fujis were the best assembled and adjusted bikes he ever saw right out of the box.

    Your Del Ray would have had a Le Pree rear derailleur as well to match the front one. Check Velobase on line for details.The Superbe, like the Royal Compe brakes, is an upgrade but a perfectly excellent one. The standard sidepulls would have been Dia Compe 500s with non-aero levers.

    For brake pads you might want to try Kool Stop. I have used them on a Bertin restoration and found them very effective. They make direct 1970s Campy style replacement pad inserts and they should fit the Gran Compe shoes. If your pads are the shoeless one piece style, they have replacements for those too.

    I think you will find the Fuji’s paint and chrome to be of high quality and should give an outstanding result once cleaned and polished. Have fun!



    • Thanks for the info! It’s in a bit of a sad state right now, but hopefully it will still be sound under the corrosion, as you suggest.

      I’ll check out the Kool Stop brake blocks. On their website I don’t think they had any specific ones for Dia Compe brakes, but maybe same as campag. I’ll need to look more closely.

      From velobase, the rear derailleur seems to be pretty special. Some describe it as the best rear derailleur ever made (??). It does work well, but then I have yet to use a derailleur that doesn’t (even an old simplex seems to work fine).

      I’ll post some better photos soon!


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